Lesser-known Video Game Soundtracks: Titan Warriors (NES)

Here’s yet another installment of Lesser-known Game Soundtracks.  And today we’ll highlight yet another game you’ve never heard about… because it was never released!  Completed and scrapped (most likely due to Nintendo’s insane 3rd party licensing rules) in 1988, this vertical-scrolling shooter features a soundtrack byYasuaki Fujita’s (aka Bun Bun’s) wife… though she’s more famous and accomplished than Bun Bun himself.  This is a REAL gem and a must listen for anyone who is a fan of Capcom, and especially Rockman/Mega Man.

First of all, I couldn’t believe this OST wasn’t on YouTube.  And because I loved it so much, I just HAD to go, grab the .nsf , cut it into pieces using Sonar X1, and upload it.  I watched some gameplay videos and named the tracks.

As for the music, let’s let it speak for itself:

This track is AWESOME.  And so reminiscent of Mega Man 3

…and why is that, you ask?  This was composed by Harumi Fujita.  If you recall from a previous post, Harumi Fujita (aka Mrs. Tarumi) began work on Mega Man 3 originally in 1989, completing “Gemini Man Stage”, “Needle Man Stage”, and half of the “Staff Roll” tracks.  However, she was also pregnant at the time and gave birth during the project. The sound work was turned over to her husband Yasuaki Fujita (aka Bun Bun) and the rest is history.

This music is also vaguely reminiscent of other works by Mrs. Tarumi – StriderBionic Commando (original arcade OST), and Chip’n’Dale Rescue Rangers.  She definitely has a very specific style.  Let’s take a look at some of the other really cool tracks:

This is such a great track.  A stagnant-pitched high pulse can be very piercing but Mrs. Tarumi uses it perfectly; her pitch modulation keeps the high pulse wave in check and adds that little bit of shine.  As you may have ascertained, the ending to this game isn’t exactly happy and I think this does a good job of portraying that.

She creates some interesting effects in the pulse with those “detuned” surges of sound.  The pulse has that echo and “sparkle” that is so very Capcom.  She again utilizes very controlled pitch modulation to execute vibrato.

This track may as well be from Mega Man 2.  The triangle is smart and polished.  The noise channel creates adequate drum effects.

Another signature track.  The drums are my favorite part actually.

For the whole OST, check below.  It’s only 20~ minutes long… and really awesome.  Again, thanks for reading and checking this out.  More to come, as always.


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Steve Lakawicz holds an MM in Music Performance from Temple University as well as a BM in Tuba Performance from Rutgers University . His teachers include Paul Scott, Scott Mendoker, and Jay Krush. His love of video game music has lead him to form a blog, Classical Gaming, to promote discussion both casual and academic about the music of video games. He is the co-founder of the video game/nerd music chamber ensemble, Beta Test Music and regularly composes/performs chiptune music as Ap0c. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he teaches college statistics at Temple University. View all posts by Classical Gaming

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