So today is my birthday!

Passed along to my Facebook by Chipocrite. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be… but it’s perfect!

I’ve decided, as a birthday present to myself, to post 5 of my favorite video game tracks of all time… or just 5 really awesome tracks that come to mind.  And of course, they are mostly battle themes.  But what do you expect?

Track 1:  “The True Mirror” – Baten Kaitos – by Motoi Sakuraba

(credit:  suiriryoku)

Motoi has always turned up the intensity to 11… sometimes to a fault perhaps.  Still, this used to be my favorite “getting onto the subway” music when I was doing my MMus.

Track 2:  “Feldschlacht I” – Saga Frontier 2 – by Masashi Hamauzu

(credit:  BaichoyProductions)

Part of Hamauzu’s 4 “Feldschlacht” set for Saga Frontier 2, not including the orchestral “Feldschlact V”.  I had trouble picking my favorite- I or IV.  I love the part where the bass just rocks out for a while at 1:15.  As a bass player, very satisfying!  I spend a lot of time trying to play that line as a kid, with very little success.  Really fun though!

Track 3:  “Intrude Upon Happiness, Plunder the Future” – Wild Arms XF – by Junpei Fujita

(credit:  AnimeOtaku999)

Probably wasn’t expecting to see something that’s just straight-up electronica here.  This theme plays during some of the most intense battles in Wild Arms XF.  The bassline and chords at 1:40… well, it’s probably one of the best 10 seconds I can remember in a battle theme.  The rest isn’t… that innovative.  Honorable mention from this OST:  “Twilight of the Anti-Hero”.  If you haven’t heard the OST to this game, you probably should go listen.  It’s pretty ridiculous.

Track 4:  “Fighters of the Crystal” – Final Fantasy XI: Rise of Zilart – by Naoshi Mizuta

(credit:  kaoz1024)

For those of you who don’t know me well, I used to be a pretty active member of the Final Fantasy XI community.  I played on Quetzalcoatl as “Valus” and eventually “Zalus” (long story)- here’s my old profile.  Gross.   At any rate, I was a BRD and DRK for a big endgame linkshell.  This theme ALWAYS got to me… it played during a very difficult and desperate battle against the Crystal Warriors.  To win, you needed 18 people…. perfectly organized for a massive fight.  Oh yes, the ol’ “wipe and reset” strategy of the level 75 days of FFXI.  I raise a glass to old friends and the memories of Vana’diel.

Track 5:  “Armed Boss” – Super Mario RPG – by Yoko Shimomura

(credit:  Andrew7654)

Don’t judge!  I’ve always liked this track.  Yes, it’s not really Shimomura’s best work… but it’s always got me pumped for battle.  It’s short and simple and utilizes a lot of the tricks that can be produced with the playback from the SNES.

Anyhow, thanks for listening!


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Steve Lakawicz holds an MM in Music Performance from Temple University as well as a BM in Tuba Performance from Rutgers University . His teachers include Paul Scott, Scott Mendoker, and Jay Krush. His love of video game music has lead him to form a blog, Classical Gaming, to promote discussion both casual and academic about the music of video games. He is the co-founder of the video game/nerd music chamber ensemble, Beta Test Music and regularly composes/performs chiptune music as Ap0c. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he teaches college statistics at Temple University. View all posts by Classical Gaming

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