Sunday Game Soundtrack: Rockman 3/Mega Man 3 (FC/NES)

Hey guys!  It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another Sunday Game Soundtrack!  Football is over… so we need SOMETHING to do, right?   Anyhow,  let’s listen to the original, legendary soundtrack to a game composed by a husband and wife duo- Rockman 3/Mega Man 3 for FC/NES.

This Sunday’s selection was inspired by Close to Good‘s Volume III, which features the complete soundtrack to Rockman 3/Mega Man 3, covered and awesome..  It’s free- you should go download it and take a listen!

Okay, so I know you guys know this but for the sake of just saying it:  Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan.  The game’s official Japanese title is ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!? or Rockman 3:  The End of Dr. Wily?  Much more dramatic!  Anyhow,  rather than saying Rockman 3/Mega Man 3 each time I refer to the game, I’m just going to call it MM3 from here on out. Simple.  Clean.  Easy.

MM3 was released by Capcom for the FC/NES on September 28th 1990 in Japan and in November 1990 for the US.  (Sadly, it was not released in the EU until 1992… wow, way to drop the ball, Capcom).  This game uses the MMC3 mapper.  This mapper (to oversimplify a bit) basically allows Mega Man’s health bar to remain in a static position while you move.  The music for the game was composed by Yasuaki Fujita, who is listed as “Bunbun” in the credits.

Bunbun wasn’t originally assigned to compose for the game, however.  I’ll summarize one of my older posts really quick:  Basically, Bunbun’s wife, Harumi Fujita, was assigned to write the music for the game.  Unfortunately, she had to abandon the project… because she went into labor.  She had been assigned the project while pregnant with her and Bunbun’s child (I’ll recycle this joke because I can:  You might say she had a… BUNBUN in the oven).  She took maternity leave and Bunbun, who was originally assigned to just do the sound programming, took over the project.

Harumi had already started the work so there’s always been a question as to which, if any, of the tracks were hers.  Fortunately, Bunbun, on his blog,  pointed out which tracks he composed.  Apparently, Harumi had already finished Gemini ManNeedle Man, and part of the Staff Roll track.  The rest was finished by Bunbun.

Anyhow, you’re not here for touching little stories!  You’re here for MUSIC.  So, let’s take a listen to Bunbun and Harumi Fujita’s Rockman 3/Mega Man 3 complete soundtrack, as posted on YouTube by Wiiguy309 (this guy has posted so many soundtrack- what the heck, man?  CRAZY!)  These tracks have been stereo enhanced so you’ll notice they sound a little more… reverb-y.  It’s kind of nice.  If you REALLY REALLY REALLY, REALLY want to listen to the un-enhanced version, you can click here.

Hope you enjoyed listening!


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Steve Lakawicz holds an MM in Music Performance from Temple University as well as a BM in Tuba Performance from Rutgers University . His teachers include Paul Scott, Scott Mendoker, and Jay Krush. His love of video game music has lead him to form a blog, Classical Gaming, to promote discussion both casual and academic about the music of video games. He is the co-founder of the video game/nerd music chamber ensemble, Beta Test Music and regularly composes/performs chiptune music as Ap0c. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he teaches college statistics at Temple University. View all posts by Classical Gaming

2 responses to “Sunday Game Soundtrack: Rockman 3/Mega Man 3 (FC/NES)

  • connorbros

    Neat little facts, I had no idea! I love the MM soundtracks. I used to be able to nearly do the Mega Man Medley on sporcle, but I have probably lost that since I haven’t played through them in a bit.


  • CWalois

    Fascinating! It’s awesome that someone from the old Mega Man days is blogging in 2013. In iTunes, I have all the tracks attributed to Yasuaki, so I’m fixing the Artist tag for “Needle Man” and “Gemini Man” now. I always loved Needle Man’s music, but had no idea that female composers were involved with Mega Man (or, well, any games, really… you gotta admit, it’s rare).

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