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GAME MUSIC HELL: 720° by Paul Weinstein, AKA Chipocrite

Welcome to another edition of GAME MUSIC HELL!  Today, bassist and chiptune master Paul Weinstein, AKA Chipocrite will discuss an Atari arcade port that falls short:  720° for NES.

A little about Chipocrite (from his website):

Paul Weinstein (former bassist of MJ Project, Philly’s favorite jamtronfusion monstergroup) started making music with Game Boys in early 2009. It was the sound he felt he was destined to create, a mix of old and new, a way to bridge the comforting video game tones he grew up with and the complex but catchy songs he was hearing in his head all those years later. It’s exciting, it’s pretty cool, and, above all, it’s some of the most fun he’s ever had making music.

What’s great about Paul is that he knows the inner workings of digital sound, especially when it comes to the old sound chips of our beloved consoles/handhelds:

So naturally, when he asked if he could write an article for GAME MUSIC HELL, I was more than happy to oblige.

You can find Chipocrite at www.chipocrite.com.  His next show will be on 11/10/12 at the Anime USA Convention in Washington, DC.  For details, check out animeusa.org.  Now, without further delay, here’s Chipocrite’s analysis of Atari’s 720° for NES!

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