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Originals: “Last Minute Research Paper” on Soundcloud and Ap0c Facebook Group

Hi guys!  Not really an informative post, but I’d say a necessary one.  I set up a Soundcloud presence for my chiptune originals which you can find right here:  https://soundcloud.com/ap0c/  I’m trying to move in the direction of Soundcloud for a lot of the work I’ll be doing in the next couple months.  I’ll set up a Bandcamp once I finish my EP.  Yep, I’m working on an EP.  Like, an actual collection of music and stuff.  And not some kind of pretend EP.  Serious stuff, folks.   ZOUNDS!

Also, I created a Facebook group for my Ap0c stuff just in case you roll the Facebook way.  You can find that here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ap0c/149780225198685  Hopefully I get some more “likes” so I can actually customize my name and not be known as a string of random numbers.  That isn’t going to look good on my cards…

Thanks again for reading this blog.  I just reached 100 likes today (total).  Here’s hoping for 200 soon!  I’m glad you guys are still out there, reading and caring about game music!

An example of the Sunsoft5B sound expansion chip

We’re been talking sound expansion chips for a while now.  This chip, in particular, is the rarest.

We mentioned the Sunsoft FME-7 that was used in Batman:  Return of the Joker.  However, there was a special version of the Sunsoft FME-7 chip known as the Sunsoft5B.  This sound expansion module added three square channels.  This was ONLY used in the game Famicom game “Gimmick!”.  I watched some gameplay videos and I have to say – the game looks incredibly fun.  For those of you interested in playing Gimmick!, it costs about $400 on eBay.  I’d suggest emulation or the finding a copy of the Japanese Playstation version, which was released as part of the Sunsoft Memorial Series as Vol. 6.  (An aside:  I did some background – the JP PSone version is even harder to find on eBay but only will set you back about $50).

At any rate, this is an interesting mix of sounds.  Here’s the full OST:

(credit:  grad1u52)

This music is not overly complex but… it makes me remember what it was like to be a young gamer, firing up the NES and enjoying a simple and clean platformer.  The music actually makes me happy.  There’s some really great stuff done with the combination of squares and pulses.  It’s a shame that chips like this were only used toward the end of the NES’s life.  You have to imagine this game came out in 1992.  The Super Nintendo had already been out for almost two years at this point in Japan.

Hope you enjoyed it!