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GAME MUSIC HELL: Breath of Fire by BEthStardust

Welcome to the second installment of my new segment:  GAME MUSIC HELL.  Each post features a gamer, blogger, or musician discussing their least favorite video game soundtrack.  This segment takes a good long look (and listen!) at what we perceive to be “bad” music.  I’ve left that interpretation open to each individual writer.

Today, the legendary BEthStardust highlights her distaste for Capcom’s Breath of Fire.  Known for her insightful, helpful, and self-sacrificing nature as a the undisputed leader of GameFAQs Board-8 for many years, BEthStardust has made quite a name for herself in the world of gaming.  Since leaving the boards, she’s continued her work in the game industry, studying game play habits and addictions.  A prolific writer and a good friend- here’s BEthStardust’s GAME MUSIC HELL:  Breath of Fire.

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