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Lesser-known Video Game Soundtracks: Titan Warriors (NES)

Here’s yet another installment of Lesser-known Game Soundtracks.  And today we’ll highlight yet another game you’ve never heard about… because it was never released!  Completed and scrapped (most likely due to Nintendo’s insane 3rd party licensing rules) in 1988, this vertical-scrolling shooter features a soundtrack byYasuaki Fujita’s (aka Bun Bun’s) wife… though she’s more famous and accomplished than Bun Bun himself.  This is a REAL gem and a must listen for anyone who is a fan of Capcom, and especially Rockman/Mega Man.

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Composers: Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita)

Yasuaki Fujita’s career as a composer started with a baby… and man in a blue helmet.  As an in-house composer for Capcom, Bun Bun spent most of his career crafting sound effects for numerous titles and overseeing various sound production teams as production manager.  His legacy, however, lies in the composition of one single theme.  Let’s explore the career of Yasuaki Fujita, another composer who should be on your radar.  Let’s see why!

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