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Originals: “What Happens When You Take the Wrong Bus”

So I’ve been working on new pieces and what not.  I recently performed (or rather, just played the piece- I don’t have an adequate rig to “perform” the piece yet) “What Happens When You Take the Wrong Bus” at Philadelphia’s 8static, a freakin’ awesome chiptune party that happens once a month.  I’m so lucky to be in Philly.  The artists there were amazing and really inspiring.

Best of all, though, everyone there was really supportive.  I’ve been a performing musician, professionally (I guess professionally) since I was about 13.  Over the years, I’ve arranged many pieces to play for Beta Test Music and other groups.  But, in the last 17 years, I’ve NEVER played ANY of my original material live.  Not a single piece!  I’ve been working on compositions since I can remember… but I’ve never had a piece PERFORMED.  This sounds crazy but it’s true.  My 8static performance was my first ever presentation of any of my material to a general audience.  Scary.

Anyhow, here’s the live performance of the piece.  A little of the beginning got cut off.  I promise you it’s cute and sounds like a little 8bit town theme.  This is composed for Famitracker v4.1 with 2a03+VRC6.  The samples for the DPCM are from Castlevania III.  This is being played off my laptop right now… but I intend on setting up a PowerPak and emulating VRC6 soon.  More on that later.

Enjoy my first ever live performance and please leave me feedback!  Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and to all you supportive people out there- this was kind of a dream of mine and it came true.  🙂